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Frequently asked questions

What is digital product consulting?

Digital product consulting enhances business value through strategic guidance and product development. Experts leverage industry knowledge, business experience, and tech expertise to drive results, reduce risks, and meet goals, enabling companies to streamline operations, cut costs, and expand their customer base.

What are the benefits of consulting?

Consulting reduces the risk of failed digital transformations or software implementations, safeguarding your business from costly fixes and unwise decisions. It’s a win-win: boost profits, modernize your company, leverage technology to the fullest, and attract more customers.

What do consultants do?

At Innovinto, we provide digital product consultation with tailored solutions for clients in various stages of product development. research, devise strategies, design robust products, create implementation plans, and offer optimal solutions. By deeply understanding the client’s business processes and needs, we develop comprehensive action plans using our extensive knowledge. As consultants we prioritize the client’s best interests, employing the most suitable tools, methodologies, and expertise to ensure success.

How fast you can start working on my project?

Once we reach a consensus on the project’s scope, cost, and specific details, we can commence our collaboration without delay.

Who will be working on my project?

We will oversee and implement the entire project process from our end, and should we require additional resources, We will take on that responsibility.

How do you keep the communication during the project?

We are highly adaptable when it comes to communication channels. Whether you’re nearby and prefer face-to-face meetings or if you’re more comfortable with technology, We are proficient in using various platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Slack, Google Meet, and more.”

How can I see your work portfolio?

We have a substantial number of successful projects, and we are certainly able to provide numerous examples during our interview. However, We must also prioritize respecting the confidentiality agreements we have with our previous employers or clients.

Additionally, we can provide detailed explanations of our responsibilities and tasks in each of these projects.