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Process and models of business cooperation

Establishing a user-friendly interaction between Innovinto and the client is pivotal for product success. We provide efficient cooperation models, utilizing cutting-edge technology for product development. This approach grants you complete control, transparency, and flexibility in management.

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Models of business cooperation

We craft high-quality software products by employing effective methodologies or a hybrid model that combines various approaches. Our goal is to provide a personalized touch, optimize resource utilization, and ensure utmost project transparency.


An Agile-based method that is great for developing complex software. The work process is divided into phases (sprints), making it easier for the team to handle long-term, complex projects. The model is flexible, agile and has good feedback.



Consistent workflow planning. The waterfall model is good where there are precise and detailed instructions: the aims and objectives of the project are clear and changes are unlikely. This allows an accurate estimate of the implementation period and the development budget.


Emphasis on detailed visualization during the work process. The method is built on Agile principles, helps to optimize the development process, shortens the cycle, adapts quickly to changes and is suitable for projects with predictable stages of work.


Process effectively in simple steps to ensure the product is designed, tested, built, and released

A streamlined process simplifies everything. From initial consultation to project completion, we make it easy for you to achieve your goals. listen to your needs, strategize, execute, and deliver results. It’s that simple.


Project Discussion

Understand the client’s needs, goals, and project requirements.


Proposal and Agreement

Propose outlining project details, including scope, timeline, pricing, and deliverables.

Design and Presentation

Involve research, concept development, sketching, and creating digital or physical design drafts with revising the design, and making as necessary to refine the design.


Finalization and Delivery

This may involve preparing design files in the required formats with the completed project is delivered to the client.

3 ways of work methodologies are crafted to align with your needs

The method of collaboration is contingent on several factors such as resources, project or product type, deadlines, and more.

Our preference is an individualized approach tailored to each client, enabling us to optimize project budgets. We present three highly effective working methods for consideration.

01- Time and Materials

A model in which it is easy to adjust the scope of work on a project of any complexity. You have complete control over the interaction process, paying only for the time actually spent on an individual task. We recommend this way of working for clients who need to temporarily augment their staff and always have the ability to make changes to the work plan.

02- Dedicated Team

The way of working involves allocating a separate team to the project for a long period of time. Team size, tasks and hourly rates are agreed in advance. You then pay for the work on a monthly basis as agreed. This cooperation model enables the involvement of qualified specialists, each of whom will be responsible for a particular task. This way of working is great for long-term projects with uncertain requirements, as well as for large company projects where you need to increase the number of staff.

03- Fixed Price
A method of engagement in which we give precise estimates of time and cost, tying them to the stages of the project. This way of working is more suitable for short-term tasks and is only possible if there are specifications, a work plan and clarity of the end goal. There is minimal flexibility but a clear structure and strict adherence to deadlines.

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