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SaaS Platform (B2B)

Intalio eCorrespondence SaaS platform design

It’s high time to upgrade your business communication with e-correspondence platforms. Things have turned a lot simpler and easier with the inception of this new idea, rather than an orb through which you can secure important documents, speed up the approvals, share important details within the team, and publish instantly. This is the main concept of e-correspondence.



Services and Management 


1 Years

Part Time


Responsive Desing

Product engagement and customer success

I was in charge of overseeing the design aspects and collaborating closely with the Intalio team to create an excellent user experience and interface, ensuring the implementation of the client’s standards and guidelines.


Stakeholders Interview

Problem Statement

Product Vision and Goals

Project Priorities



UX Research

Product Usage Analytics

User Research

Competitive Analysis


Brainstorming Workshops

User Journey

Information Architecture




UX Design

UI Design

Interaction Design

Design System 

Testing and Learning

Usability Testing

Feature Testing

End-to-End Testing





Tools and Technologies

I leveraged a variety of software and tools to efficiently manage the product, facilitate the user experience design process, and construct the user interface and design system.

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame

Services and Management Solutions

eCorrespondence is one of the vital parts of any business.

The approach is faster than others and thus, can deliver all at once, no matter how far the sender or receiver is located.

Arabic interface mirroring content

the platform offering dual langue can reflect the direction with one click to change the language interface from English to Arabic and vice versa.

Responsive technology allows users to use any device 

Establishing connections between resources while simultaneously tracking and monitoring various health metrics such as heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, fatigue, and heat stress is crucial. Additionally, it is essential to monitor their precise location on the site to prevent them from entering restricted or hazardous areas, thereby safeguarding the well-being and lives of your valuable resources

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