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SaaS Platform (B2B)

LNG Carrier Platform


LNG carrier management refers to the specialized oversight and operation of vessels designed to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) across vast distances. It’s a complex and crucial task, encompassing various aspects to ensure safe, efficient, and profitable LNG transportation.



Oil and Gas

Transportation and Logistics



3 Months

Part Time





Product engagement and customer success

I successfully managed the product team consisting of 1 UX Designer, 1 UI Designer, 2 frontend developers, and 2 QA Engineers, guiding them in the effective execution of the project using an agile scrum-based approach.


Problem Statement

Product Management 

Empathy Mapping

Project Priorities 



UX Research

Product Usage Analytics

User Research

Competitive Analysis


User Journey

Information Architecture




UX Design

UI Design

Interaction Design

Design System 

Testing and Learning

Usability Testing

UserTesing Platform

Feature Testing

End-to-End Testing


umulocity IoT platform

React JavaScript library

Tools and Technologies

I leveraged a variety of software and tools to efficiently manage the product, facilitate the user experience design process, and construct the user interface and design system.

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame

Oil and Gas, Transportation and Logistics

LNG Carrier Management an IoT platform ship control 

Cutting-edge IoT platforms are revolutionizing LNG carrier management. Sensors woven throughout the ship relay crucial data, enabling remote optimization of everything from engine performance to cargo temperature. This real-time intelligence empowers captains to make informed decisions, enhancing safety, efficiency, and profitability across every nautical mile.

Full view of weather forecast

View the current weather conditions all over the world, as well as the forecast for the next few days

Optimized Loading and Unloading

LNG giants waltz with data-driven precision, cargo sensors whispering secrets to AI minds. Robotic arms pirouette, maximizing every inch, minimizing every breath. Optimized loading and unloading, a cryogenic ballet beneath the ocean’s watchful gaze, fueling the world with seamless grace.

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