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Mobile App (B2C)

ADNOC Gas Processing employee’s service app (mServices)

A comprehensive Mobile App designed to efficiently oversee and cater to the needs of both managers and employees within an organization.



Oil and Gas Technology 


6 Months


Mobile App

Product engagement and customer success

I effectively led the product team responsible for overseeing the design of new services and features tailored for the ADNOC Gas Processing team. I provided guidance and ensured the efficient execution of the project through the utilization of an Agile Scrum-based approach.


Stakeholders Interview

Problem Statement

Product Vision and Goals

Project Priorities 



UX Research

User Research

Competitive Analysis

Market Research


User Journey

Information Architecture




UX Design

UI Design

Design System


Testing and Learning

Load & Performance Testing

Usability Testing

Feature Testing

End-to-End Testing


Andrioed Material Design

iOS human interface guidelines


Tools and Technologies

I leveraged a variety of software and tools to efficiently manage the product, facilitate the user experience design process, and construct the user interface and design system.

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame

Oil and Gas Technology

Loans are valued up to AED 2.25 million and are repaid in installments over the approved loan tenor. 

Streamlined employee management is effortlessly achieved within a unified Mobile App

Mobile app designed to support the well-being and safety of ADNOC employees in a healthy and secure environment.

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Tablet experience mirroring the phone experience

Various comfort device options and diverse choices for users to utilize

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